Paul Wall Lyrics

Paul Wall

Year Of The Pint
World Series Grillz
Work The Wheel
Why You Peepin Me
Wake Up, Get Money
Tryin To Get Paid
Top Diine
Too Turnt To Make A Store Run
Too Busy Gettin Paid
Tho’d In The Game
They Don’t Know
(“The Peoples Champ” album)
They Don’t Know
(“Chick Magnet” album)
That Fire
Thangz Are Crazy
Take Notes
Swangin In The Rain (Remix)
Swangin In The Rain
Sumn’ Like A Pimp
Still Sippin
Still On
Stay Iced Up
State To State
So Many Diamonds
Smooth Operator
Slidin’ On That Oil
Sittin’ Sidewayz
Sippin’ Tha Barre
Sip-N-Get High
Round Here
Ridin’ Dirty
Ridin’ 5
Red Stripe
Psilocybin Vibin
Prices Goin Up
Pressin’ Them Buttons
Pop One Of These
Po Up Poet
One Hundred
On The Grind
Oh No
Not My Friend
No Favors
Never Eva Fallin Off
My Life
My Lac On Vogues
Muddy Cups On Sunset
Money Don’t Make Me
Monetary Exchange
March N’ Step
Live It
Lemon Drop
Know What I’m Talkin’ About
Just Paul Wall
Internet Going Nutz
Ice Man
I’m Throwed
I’m Real, What Are You?
I’m On Patron
I’m Clean
I’m A Playa
I Need Mo
I Grind
I Am Him
I Ain’t Hard To Find
Hustler Stackin’ Ends
How Gangstas Roll
Holdin, Comin Diine
Heart Of A Hustler
Hatin Season
Haters Ball
Han Solo on 4’s
Got To Get It
Got Plex
Goin Live
Girl On Fire
Gimme That
Gettin Tho’d
Get Your Paper Up
Get Mine Forever
Everybody Know Me
Drive Slow
Don’t Spill It
Demons Constant Torment
Dat’s What Dat Is
Daddy Wasn’t Home (Mama Raised Me)
Crumble The Satellite
Correct Me If I’m Wrong
Chose Me
Chick Magnet
Break Bread
Break ‘Em Off
Bizzy Body
Big Ballin’
Bangin’ Screw
Another One
Am What I Am
Ain’t A Thang
Tweet 88k