Please – Bamboo

I just want to go to bed
Not think about the world
And how it all ends
Feel the wolves they’re closing in
I’m not here to make excuses
But I could sure use a friend

Please tell me what’s going on
Knock me over the head tell me what’s going on
Easy peasy tell me what’s going on
So before I wear out my welcome
I’m feeling high… feeling high
Falling deep into the blue
Deep within the shadow of myself

Pure nonsense on the page
I want to be one of those people
Lock me up in that cage
Go grab a girl, another round
Till these shoes are worn to the bone
I got nothing left that I can right
But I can fight it

So tell me what’s going on
We’re on red alert, still I’m bored
Tell me what’s going on
Hit me over the head
Show me how it all went wrong
I’m wide awake, so let’s just be crystal clear
I’m feeling high, feeling high, feeling high
Feeling high, feeling high

I’m still a stranger to this town (hurry, hurry home)
Stranger in this town

Once upon a time
There lived a boy
Was never quite clear
His place in this time
Forever longed for simpler days
A cottage in spring, a castle in winter
Oh how he loved the sun
It’s shadows, it’s angels
Oh how it forever painted the world
And he stood right at the very center of the universe
Waiting for the bus to come
To take him, bang, where it had all begun
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