Pop Ate My Heart (Interlude) – Lady Gaga

-Where is it? Where is it, Kandy? Kandy?

-He ate it

-Yes, I don’t believe you

-Look for yourself
Pop ate my heart

-I see

-He downed the whole thing
In one efficient gulp
Like a beautiful monster
Then, took off, into the city

-Oh, Kandy

-And, now, I just feel…I feel so…




-Free…I feel…Free


I need more to feed my…
Pop heart
Give me more
I want the music
Gaga. Fashion
Dance. New York
Music. Pop culture
I want The Fame
I can hear you
Can you hear me?
Pop pollution in front of me
And I want
We want
You deserve the future
My name is Lady Gaga
And this is my house
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