Rambler – Calexico

Putting in at Blackfoot River
With the Pocatello Kid
Making good time up to Lolo’s Pass
Meet you on the other side
Dodged a few dicey run-ins
Couple of rough ramblers as well
Saw a truck flying over Howard’s Plunge
Thought we’d never live to tell

Rolling down, river bound
Water’s high and moving fast
Feet can’t touch the ground
Rolling down, river bound
Some get caught, hanging on to rocks, looking for another way out

Made it to the mouth of the Columbia
2,000 ships below
Stuck on a sand bar halfway through
‘Till a tug dragged us back to shore

Rolling down, river bound
Keep your eyes peeled ahead
Rapids will dump us out

Rolling down, river bound
Some get lost, gamble all costs
For another chance to cross
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