Roger Waters Lyrics

Roger Waters

Who Needs Information
When We Were Young
What God Wants, Part III
What God Wants, Part II
What God Wants, Part I
We Shall Overcome
Watching TV
Wait For Her
Vive La Commune De Paris
Towers Of Faith
Too Much Rope
To The Windward Isles
To Take Your Hat Off
To Laugh Is To Know How To Live
To Kill The Child
To Freeze In The Dead Of Night
Three Wishes
The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)
The Story
The Ship Of State Is All At Sea
The Powers That Be
The Papal Edict
The National Assembly Is Confused
The Most Beautiful Girl
The Letter
The Last Refugee
The Grievances Of The People
The Fugitive King
The Fallout
The Fall Of The Bastille
The Execution Of Louis Capet
The Echoes Never Fade From That Fusillade
The Commune De Paris
The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard
The Attack
The Anderson Shelter
Sunset Strip
So To The Streets In The Pouring Rain
Smell The Roses
Slavers, Landlords, Bigots At Your Door
Silver, Sugar And Indigo
Sea Shell & Stone
Radio Waves
Picture That
Perfect Sense, Part II
Perfect Sense, Part I
Part Of Me Died
Oceans Apart
Now Hear Ye!
My Dear Cousin Bourbon Of Spain
Me Or Him
Marie Antoinette / The Last Night On Earth
Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine
Let Us Break All The Shields
Leaving Beirut
Late Home Tonight, Part II
Late Home Tonight, Part I
Kings, Sticks And Birds
It’s A Miracle
Is This The Life We Really Want?
In Paris There’s A Rumble Under The Ground
I Want To Be King
Honest Bird, Simple Bird
Hilda’s Hair
Hilda’s Dream
Hello (I Love You)
Give Birth To A Smile
France In Disarray
Four Minutes
Folded Flags
Flushed With Wine
Flickering Flame
Each Small Candle
Déjà Vu
Dances And Marches
Crystal Clear Brooks
Chain Of Life
But The Marquis Of Boulli Has A Trump Card Up His Sleeve
Broken Bones
Body Transport
Bird In A Gale
And In The Bushes Where They Survive
Amused To Death
Adieu My Good And Tender Sister
Adieu Louis For You It’s Over
A Garden In Vienna 1765
5.11 AM (The Moment Of Clarity)
5.06 AM (Every Strangers Eyes)
5.01 AM (The Pros & Cons Of Hitchhiking)
4.58 AM (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin)
4.56 AM (For The First Time Today Part 1)
4.50 AM (Go Fishing)
4.47 AM (The Remains Of Our Love)
4.41 AM (Sexual Revolution)
4.39 AM (For The First Time Today Part 2)
4.37 AM (Arabs With Knives And West German Skies)
4.33 AM (Running Shoes)
4.30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
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