Sammy Hagar Lyrics

Sammy Hagar

Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
Young Girl Blues
You Make Me Crazy
Wounded In Love
Would You Do It For Free?
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Winding Down
Wide Open Space
Whole Lotta Zep
Whole Lotta Rosie
Who Has The Right?
When The Sun Don’t Shine
When The Hammer Falls
What They Gonna Say Now
Wash Me Down Again
Urban Guerilla
Two Sides Of Love
Turn Up The Music
Try (Try To Fall In Love)
Trust Fund Baby
Tropic Of Capricorn
Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
Three Lock Box
Three Little Birds
This Planet’s On Fire (Burn In Hell)
Things’ve Changed
There’s Only One Way To Rock
The Yogi’s So High (I’m Stoned)
The Way We Live
The Revival
The Real Deal
The Pits
The Message
The Love
The Iceman
The Big Square Inch
The Big Nail
Ten 13
Sympathy For The Human
(“Lockdown 2020” album)
Sympathy For The Human
(“Red Voodoo” album)
Switch On The Light
Swept Away
Sweet Hitchhiker
Straight To The Top
Straight From The Hip Kid
Standin’ At The Same Old Crossroads
Stand Up
Space Station #5
Someone Out There
Silver Lights
Shaka Doobie (The Limit)
Serious Juju
Santa’s Going South For Christmas
Sam I Am
Salvation On Sand Hill
Run For Your Life
Rock Is In My Blood
Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend
Rock ‘N’ Roll Romeo
Rock & Roll Weekend
Rise Of The Animal
Right On Right
Right Now
Returning Of The Wish
Returning Home
Remote Love
Remember The Heroes
Red Voodoo
Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
Rainy Day Women #12/#35
Psycho Vertigo
Plain Jane
Piece Of My Heart
Personal Jesus
One Sip
On The Other Hand
Not Going Down
Not 4 Sale
No Worries
Never Say Die
Never Said Goodbye
Never Give Up
Mommy Says, Daddy Says
Miles From Boredom
Mas Tequila
Marching To Mars
Make It Last / Reckless
Make It Alright
Love Or Money
Love Has Found Me
Living On A Coastline
Little White Lie
Little Star / Eclipse
Little Bit More
Let Sally Drive
Let Me Take You There
Leaving The Warmth Of The Womb
Lay Your Hand On Me
Knockdown Dragout
Keep On Rockin’
Keep A-Knockin’
Karma Wheel
It’s Gonna Be All Right
Inside Lookin’ In
Inner Child
In The Room
In The Night (Entering The Danger Zone)
I’ve Done Everything For You
I’m On A Roll
I’ll Fall In Love Again
I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
I Love This Bar
I Don’t Need Love
I Can’t Drive 55
High And Dry Again
Hey Hey (Without Greed)
Hey Boys
Heavy Metal
Hands And Knees
Halfway To Memphis
Growing Up
Growing Pains
Good Enough
Going Down
Give To Live
Funky Feng Shui
Full Circle Jam (Chump Change)
Free Money
Free Man
For What It’s Worth
Flamingos Fly
Fillmore Shuffle
Fight For Your Right To Party
Feels Like Love
Father Sun
Falling In Love
Eagles Fly
Dreams / Cabo
Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do
Don’t Stop Me Now
Don’t Make Me Wait
Don’t Fight It (Feel It)
Dick In The Dirt
Devil Came To Philly
Deeper Kinda Love
Danger Zone
Cruisin’ & Boozin’
Crack In The World
Cosmic Universal Fashion
Confession (Please Come Back)
Child To Man
Catch The Wind
Can’t Hang
Can’t Get Loose
Burnin’ Down The City
Boys’ Night Out
Bottom Line
Both Sides Now
Bad Reputation
Bad On Fords And Chevrolets
Bad Motor Scooter
Back Into You
Baby, It’s You
Baby’s On Fire
Amnesty Is Granted
All We Need Is An Island
All American
3 In The Middle
20th Century Man
(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
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