Street Cat – Zaytoven (feat. Chief Keef)

Ayy (Ayy)
Smokin’ on that satellite (Man, fuck these hoes)
Yeah, because it smoke right (Ffff-beeep)
I’ve done been to the jail, I ain’t tryna go twice (Beep)
You crazy on the internet, then why you actin’ so nice? (Beep)
I got all this fuckin’ ice (Beep), I can have a snow fight (Beep)
Droptop down went to ‘deem (Beep), and of course, he overlight
(I’m a street nigga, dog, hoes love my style)
Niggas white bricks day but I see fuckin’ cold rice (Beep)
(I’m a street nigga, dog, hoes love my sty…)
Ayy, ayy

I’m a street nigga, dog, hoes love my style
I should wrap the Lamborghini black and white like a cow
What’s that shit up in my pocket nigga it’s the .40 cal (Bow)
They be seein’ a nigga ballin’ nigga here they come to foul
Baby momma keep on callin’ she like, “Get your fuckin’ child”
I’m street nigga, nigga, I keep pistols tucked around
He was talkin’ crazy, they like “Nah, he was fuckin’ around”
I got folks here in with me and I’ll make em’ buck you down
I’m street nigga pussy, I ain’t fakin’ for the clout
I got cash but my crazy cousin’ll take you for some pound
And I shoot crowds pussy, we’d shank ‘ya for some thou’s
I got blue faces, thottianas, make ’em buss it down
I’m a street nigga pussy, I ain’t payin’ a hoe shit
They got cash apps on deck, I ain’t sendin’ hoes shit
He a peon ass nigga, he done sent his ho a dick
At his dream girl house with gang in that hoe shit
I’m a street nigga, dog, everybody know that
So a hater, get whacked, bond money on deck
When I got my first gun, I’m like, “I gotta blow that”
I should go back to dough runners and sellin’ dope sacks
I’m street nigga, nigga, I ain’t gotta prove that
Oh, you tryna prove a point? Well, why you gotta do that?
I should go to foster dealers and go buy the school back
I’m street nigga, nigga, that was where my school at
I’m street nigga, nigga, can you understand me?
You don’t speak Engli’? How you say, “Rubberband me”?
Smokin’ on this stinky pack, flame up the gangrene
Sosa what the opps on? Nigga, not a damn thing
I’m a street nigga, dog, I don’t love no bitch
I ain’t talkin’ to that bitch unless she buy her own shit
Unless she skrt, skrt, skrt-skrtin’ and riding in her own shit
Bitch steady buyin’ me shit, I can buy my own shit
I’m street nigga, dog, I was jumpin’ off the porch
I had sprained my fuckin’ ankle doin’ jumpin’ as a sport
Stealin’ granny shit, now I’m takin’ nothin’ less a sport
We ain’t talkin’ to these niggas they ain’t nothin’ past a dork
I’m a doggy nigga, baby, I know you love my fit
I ain’t got no bitch, nigga, how you fuck my bitch?
Young street nigga, dog, two revolvers and a stick
Don’t let folks ‘nem hold it, they’ll steal ya fuckin’ shit, ayy (Bang)
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