Sudden Death – John Cale

Conference is over and they’re calling out the guard
The minister of justice looks so tired
The gunman on the roof picks his target carefully
The last thing they expected to see was sudden death

The army was on full alert
Watching everything
Trying hard not to look you in the eye
What you saw wasn’t what you knew
And ignorance was bliss
It could happen anywhere at all

UPI and Reuters were the first ones to the phone
Full of information on the dead
Frontpage rumours… man
They were just, just doing their job
Nothing much they can do about sudden death

Somebody was talking much too loud in the village bar
They pulled him out and put him down
Then stood around and bragged about the way he’d died
Didn’t know a thing about sudden death

Then the ships were leaving port
Full of tourists in disguise
They said they’d seen quite enough
Didn’t matter who was dead or who was alive
Or who done what
They just wanted to get away from sudden death
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