Summer Deh Yah – Alkaline

Come a Jamaica fi di holiday
Wi party yah every night, every day
Meck wi go di beach pon a sunny day
Live wild no matter wa people say

Plus a pack a durex wid that to mi girl
A di channelle blue colone gimi di smell
And a bag a call credit pon mi digicel
Meck wi shout everybody fi go ATI

Scudan and mi under mi rum
Suh yuh know seh mi a happy, mi a happy
Every man couple up wid a gyal
And da body deh haffi stop we, stop we
Me and mi friend dem deh a road and a shell down di party
Summer deh yah everybody happy

[Verse 1:]
Every clock pon di wall a seh summer time
Si gyal inna di dance and di club a wine
Foreigner a come a yard yah fi spend time
Mi tattoo in eyes, some gyal a seh mi soon blind
Di jerk man a seh soup fi a done di pot
Steppa drink whole night and shi naw stop
Mi throw sky vodka inna are cup
So mi know seh likkle more shi a go get knock

Di vibes nice mi no waan di bedda
Mi well high coming like di weather
Di likkle pickiny dem everybody raving
Wi a enjoy life, wi vibes no lame bad
Boat a run domino a play bad
Alkaline a champ inna di place and
Wi party yah every night every day and
And wi a enjoy life wi vibes no lame and


[Verse 2:]
Mi drunk and a bay madness mi start chat
Mi just get a new tattoo weh well hot
Sonto king meck mi asma start act up
And mi did a fight likkle most mi get lock up
A one gyal pick mi pocket inna di dance
Shi never get mi money, wid mi soso pocket shi gone
What a night, one bag a supn, supn, gwan
And mi still a party go right back inna di morning

[Chorus x2]
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