Summer Lightning – Camel

Here’s that feeling once again
Across the room you turn and then
Smile – I’ve known that smile before
Yes we’ve been friends for sure
Dreams and memories so clear
Share the love that we once had
Let the music carry on
Keep on dancing

Summer nights – here on that shoreline
Meet again – and drink that wine
This old wine – still thinking of you
Missing all the things you do

Here in the falling rain
Once again we play love’s game
Keep on dancing

You cast that magic
Déjà-vu – it’s in your stars
They reveal – you know the answer
They are true – so for a while

Let’s renew all those lovers’ ties
Summer lightning in your eyes
It keeps on dancing

I’ve always known love
Would return to life in the darkest day
We will meet again
But on a later lifetime
Cross the skyline, I’ll always be your friend
Send my love to you
There’ll be no sad goodbyes
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