The Cats Lyrics

The Cats

You’re The Girl For Me
You May Already Be A Winner
Wo Ist Die Liebe
Without Your Love
Winter’s End
Why Did You Go
Why Baby Why
White Christmas
Where Have I Been Wrong
When It Sells
What’s The World Coming To
What A Crazy Life
We Should Be Together
We Ain’t Free
Wake Up
Vive L’amour
Vaya Con Dios
Unendlich Schön Ist Die Liebe
Turn Around And Start Again
Trying To Explain
Town’s Fair
Times Were When
Time Machine
This Town Ain’t The Same
These Tears Are Not Mine
There She Goes
There Has Been A Time
The Wise Man
The Water Will Be Deep
The Shelter Of Your Eyes
The End Of The Show
The Dream Is Over
Tanze Heut’ Nacht Nur Mit Mir
Take Me With You
Sweet Wine
Sure He’s A Cat
Sunday Mornings
Summer’s Gone
Summer Evening Lady
Stop Messing Around
Stay In My Life
Spanish Harlem
Songs We Sang
Somewhere Up There
Silent Night
Shine On
She’s So In Love
She’s On Her Own
She Was Too Young
Shaving Cream
Second Pair Of Eyes
Scarlet Ribbons
Save The Last Dance
Saturday Mornings And The Western Show
Sail Away
Rock ‘n’ Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
Ridin’ Train
Remember The Good Times
Rainbow Tree
Phone Call
Only Words
One Way Wind
One Phonecall Away
Nobody Cares
No You Can’t Love Them All
No Reason At All
Night Time
Night Of Glory
My Friend Joe
Mr. In Between
Mother Nature
Morning Light
Merry Christmas Cindy
Mein Freund Joe
Mary’s Boychild
Mary Lee
Mandy My Dear
Magical Mystery Morning
Madame Gordin
Lucky Star
Lovin’ Her Was Easier
Lovin’ Arms
Lovers Don’t Talk
Love Of The Common People
Love Is A Golden Ring
Love In Your Eyes
Lookin’ Back Over My Yesterday
Lonely Walk
Lonely Nights
Lonely Christmas
Little Miss Mary
Like A Spanish Song
Lights Of Magdala
Life’s Just A Long Lonely Road
Let’s Spend The Night
Let’s Go Together
Let’s Follow The Sun
Let’s Dance
Kleiner Vogel
Kannst Du Die Liebe Verstehen
It’s Over Now
It Turnes Me Inside Out
It Feels Like Crying
Isn’t It A Lovely Evening
In My Room
If You’re Gonna Tangle (In A Love Triangle)
If You’ll Be My Woman
If I Could Make You Blue
Ich Will Nur Bei Dir Sein
I’ve Got Enough Heartache
I’ve Fallen For A Fallen Angel
I’ve Been In Love Before
I’ve Always Tried To Understand
I’m Going Out (The Same Way I Came In)
I’m Going Home
I’ll Find My Way Back To You
I Will Follow
I Wanna Be A Country Singer
I Walk Through The Fields
I Still Remember
I Saw Her At The Station
I Miss You
I Love You, I Do
I Love You I Do (German Language Version)
I Like The Way
I Gotta Know What’s Going On
I Feel Good, I Feel Bad
I Don’t Want To Be Hurt
I Don’t Know Where To Go
I Don’t Know
I Could Never Hurt
I Can Walk On Water
How Did You Feel
How Could I Be So Blind
Hopeless Try
Hooray For Michael
Hey Baby (Won’t You Come Out Tonight)
Hard To Be Friends
Girl, Why Did You Do That
Gipsy Girl
Full Stop
Freedom Bird
For As Long As You Need Me
Five Little Tears
Far Beyond The Call Of Duty
Excuse Me
European Flowers Don’t Grow In The U.S.A.
Du Bist Mein Zuhaus
Don’t Waste My Time
Don’t Know Where To Go
Der Brief
Dear Lord
Darling Oh Darling
Dance Dance
Crying Like I’ve Never Done Before
Country Woman
Comedy Or Tragedy (Putty In Your Hands)
Come Sunday
Come On Girl
Christmas War
Childrens Crusade
Call Me
By Darkness Surrounded
But Tomorrow
Blue Horizon
Be My Day
Ave Maria No Morro
Anonymous Mr. Brown
A Room Full Of Tears
A New Born Baby
A Letter
A Clown Never Cries
Tweet 88k