The Coronas Lyrics

The Coronas

Write To Me
Won’t Leave You Alone
Who We Are
What You Think You Know
What A Love
We Couldn’t Fake It
True Love Waits
Tony Was An Ex-Con
This Is Not A Test
The Talk
The Note
The Long Way
The Joker
The Great Divide
Tell Me Again
Taibhsí Nó Laochra
Someone Else’s Hands
Silence That Scares Me Now
San Diego Song
Real World
Real Feel
Point Me Towards The Sky
One Tree Hill
Not What You Know
Not Sure How To Lie
Never Ending (On Your Side)
Need Your Presence
My God
My Favourite
My Fault
Mark My Words
Make It Happen
Make A Change
Lost In The Thick Of It
Look At All The Lovers
Listen Dear
Like It Used To Be
Light Me Up
LA At Night
Just The Right Time (Song For Bonnie)
Just Like That
It Will Be Mine
Is There Still Time?
If I Gave Myself To Someone Else
I Think We Jinxed It
I Hope She Knows
I Choose Love
How This Goes
Heroes Or Ghosts
Heat Of The Moment
Have No Age
Half Awake
Gut Feeling
Grace, Don’t Wait!
Give Me A Minute
Get Loose
Find The Water
Far From Here
Faith In Fate
Dreaming Again Part 2 (Wait For You)
Dreaming Again
Different Ending
Decision Time
Closer To You
Blind Will Lead The Blind
At The Same Time
All The Others
All The Luck In The World
Addicted To Progress
A Bit Withdrawn
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