The Cribs Lyrics

The Cribs

You’re Gonna Lose Us
You Were Always The One
You & I
Year Of Hate
Women’s Needs
Wish I Knew You In The 90’s
What Have You Done For Me?
What About Me
We Were Aborted
We Share The Same Skies
We Can No Longer Cheat You
Victim Of Mass Production
Under The Bus Station Clock
To Jackson
Third Outing
Things You Should Be Knowing
Things Aren’t Going To Change
The Wrong Way To Be
The Weather Speaks Your Name
The Watch Trick
The New Fellas
The Lights Went Out
Talk Radio
Summer Of Chances
Sticks Not Twigs
Stick To Yr Guns
Spring On Broadway
Song From Practice 1
So Hot Now
Siren Sing-Along
Simple Story
Shoot The Poets
She’s My Style
Screaming In Suburbia
Save Your Secrets
Saturday Night Facts Of Life
Running Into You
Run A Mile
Regina, Don’t Get Lost
Rainbow Ridge
Pure O
Pink Snow
Pacific Time
Our Bovine Public
Orange Star Rattle
On The Floor
On A Hotel Wall
North Of England
Never Thought I’d Feel Again
My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
My Adolescent Dreams
Mr. Wrong
Moving Pictures
Mirror Kissers
Men’s Needs
Major’s Titling Victory
Like A Gift Giver
Leather Jacket Love Song
Learning How To Fight
Last Year’s Snow
Kind Words From The Broken Hearted
Jaded Youth
It Was Only Love
It Happened So Fast
Is Anybody There?
In Your Palace
In The Neon Night
Ignore The Ignorant
I’ve Tried Everything
I’m Still Blaming You
I’m Alright, Me
I’m A Realist
I Was Her Man, But I Done Her Wrong
I Should Have Helped
I See Your Pictures Every Day
I Gotta Go To L.A.
I Don’t Know Who I Am
Hey Scenesters!
Hello? Oh…
Hari Kari
Happy Is Just A State Of Mind, And A State Of Mind Is Just Electrical Impulses
Glitters Like Gold
Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me
Give Good Time
Girls Like Mystery
Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave
Finally Free
Feeling It!
Fairer Sex
Emasculate Me
Eat Me
Earl & Duke
Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?
Don’t Believe In Me
Different Angle
Diamond Girl
Deep Infatuation
Death To The Dead Bodies
Dead At The Wheel
Curse This English Rain
Confident Men
Come On, Be A No-One
City Storms
City Of Bugs
Christmas (All Year Long)
Cheat On Me
Burning For No One
Broken Arrow
Better Than Me
Be Safe
Back To The Bolthole
Baby Don’t Sweat
Baby Bug Eye
Arena Rock Encore With Full Cast
Another Number
Ancient History
An Ivory Hand
Advice From A Roving Artist
Tweet 88k