The Edge – 78violet

Don’t wanna get what I got, wanna be what I’m not
I wanna fight for my right just to get up and go
No sleeping, waiting, counting time
Gonna go too far, gonna break the line
I know you heard what I said ’cause I’ve said it before

Running to the edge and we ain’t gonna blend in
Hell yeah, invade a new planet
You can sit down but we ain’t gonna stand it
Rebel souls, don’t take what you’re handed
Speak up if you wanna come with
What’s it gonna be now? Make up your mind
We’re going off the edge or not?

Don’t wanna break every rule, I wanna shake the floor
How many people does it take to break the boards?
I’m wired, you’re tired, take off with me
I’ll make you feel like you do in your dreams
I know you heard what I said ’cause I’ve said it before


We are all our heroes, cast our shadows in the day
We are all our heroes, we will find a way

We all know better
Yeah, we all know better

[Chorus x2]
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