The Register – Machine Gun Kelly

Yeah, okay
Now there’s a meaning to this thing called life
But you just gotta find it in this thing called strife
I wish I could rewind and show you this is all hype
Show you just because they stars doesn’t mean they got stripes,
For real though

But me, I got them verses that’ll kill though
And me, I’m EST now that’s a family I would kill for
Shout out to the fans who held me down before the deal though
And I can’t forget my team, I pray one day we’ll make a million,
And blow it all

‘Cause when we die we ain’t taking it with us
Materials make a king, knowledge makes an apprentice
Now ain’t that backwards we impressed by the fame in this era
My girl a queen, she don’t need a tiara

She don’t need an umbrella either just give her the rain
We don’t need help, they the built the pyramids without a crane
Insane sometimes I feel we born without a brain
We only looking at the dollars, what we really need is change

I’m saying, if that shit doesn’t register,
Might as well get used to stealing singles out the register
Baby momma calling, she need 30 for a pedicure
Student loan collector blow your phone up on the regular

How we supposed to live baby?
This isn’t it baby
We supposed to have a condo and a crib baby,
But you forgot the first rule of the game
They don’t remember riches, they just remember the name (Kells)

Uh so go and get it homie
One thing for sure I know the block ain’t gonna get it for me
Two thing’s for certain, I ain’t tryna let ’em pigeon toe me
And if they is just know I’m walking with my pistol on me

This ain’t that B shit or C shit,
This is that D.O.D. shit
That means “Do or Die”,
‘Cause ain’t no you, if it’s you and I
I ain’t a gangster but I will be just to stay alive

I’m rollin’ indica, staying high
Roll to the cinema and stay the night
My life’s like TV with this daytime drama
All this Law and Order, a lot of comedy
And relationships like Tina and Ike, these bitches crazy

That’s why I’m tellin’ ya
Look up at the sky instead of staring at a cellular
You could be the greatest why would you wanna be regular?
Just know that your greatness comes from how they gon’ remember ya

Not from how you spend baby,
That isn’t it baby
You ain’t gotta have a condo or a crib baby
But now you know the first rule of the game
They don’t remember riches, they just remember the name

They don’t remember the riches, the riches
They just remember the name

Rose from the ashes like a Phoenix
Rose, rose filling up in the marina
Got my weight up in my hood we call that triple-beamin’
Fuck introductions, skip the name and just call me Cleveland

Homie caught up at bail, tryna get out this precinct
Tell ’em we give ’em hell, funny I started preaching
And when I say I gotta respect the city you gon’ believe it
‘Cause everybody left us and they know I’m never leaving

So I turn it up one time for the days standing on the corner
Talking shit and getting lifted, sippin’ brews and Arizona
And when one time came through everybody gone except for me
I couldn’t leave, I am a loner, with the mind of a stoner

And dreams of putting this game in a choker
And fuckin’ her ’til she pay me like Oprah
I’m not a hoper, I’m a knower
I’ll voice in the forecast like Al Roker
So even if it pours, I am Noah, two oars

Two rowers row us to two shores
Found promised land, now we lying on two floors
One for the fam, the other for two whores
Fuck two minutes, I did this in two chords,
Of course

I’m too versatile for a chorus
Done too many tours to be a tourist
Fuck the magazine, I am the Source
I am too bossed to be employed
More stories about your boy than Chuck Norris
Kells, listen up!
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