The Waterboys Lyrics

The Waterboys

You In The Sky
(“Book Of Lightning” album)
You In The Sky
(“Fisherman’s Blues” album)
World Party
Wonders Of Lewis
Winter Winter
Wild Horses
Why Should I Love You?
White Birds
Where The Action Is
Where Are You Now When I Need You?
When Ye Go Away
When Will We Be Married
What Do You Want Me To Do?
We Will Not Be Lovers
We Are Jonah
Upon The Wind And Waves
Universal Hall
Too Close To Heaven
This Light Is For The World
This Land Is Your Land
This Is The Sea (Live 1984)
This Is The Sea
Then You Hold Me
Then She Made The Lasses-O
The Wind In The Wires
The Whole Of The Moon
The Wayward Wind
The Ways Of Men
The Waves
The Thrill Is Gone
The Three Day Man
The Stolen Child
The Star And The Sea
The Soul Singer
The Return Of Pan
The Return Of Jimi Hendrix
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
The Pan Within
The New Life
The Man With The Wind At His Heels
The Madness Is Here Again
The Late Train To Heaven
The Land Of Sunset
The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
The Ladder
The Hosting Of The Shee
The Hammerhead Bar
The Golden Work
The Girl Who Slept For Scotland
The Girl in the Window Chair
The Girl In The Swing
The Faery’s Last Song
The Elegant Companion
The Earth Only Endures
The Crash Of Angel Wings
The Connemara Fox
The Christ In You
The Charlatan’s Lament
The Big Music
Take Me There I Will Follow You
Sweet Thing
Sweet Dancer
Sunny Sailor Boy
Strange Boat
Strange Arrangement
Still A Freak
Sticky Fingers
Spring Comes To Spiddal
Spiritual City
Spirit (Full Length)
Soon As I Get Home
Song Of Wandering Aengus
Song From The End Of The World
Something That Is Gone
Something Fantastic
Somebody Might Wave Back
Some of My Best Friends Are Trains
So In Love With You
Sleek White Schooner
Silent Fellowship
She Tried To Hold Me
She Is So Beautiful
September 1913
Seek The Light
Savage Earth Heart
Santa Fe
Rosalind (You Married The Wrong Guy)
Room To Roam
Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side Of Love)
Red Army Blues
Ready For The Monkeyhouse
Rattle My Bones And Shiver My Soul
Rare, Precious And Gone
Preparing To Fly
Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Peace Of Iona
Payo Payo Chin (Tokyo Hotel)
Payo Payo Chin
Out Of Control
Out Of All This Blue
On My Way To The Big Light
On My Way To Heaven
Old England
November Tale
Nobody’s Baby Anymore
Nobody ‘Cept You
News For The Delphic Oracle
New York I Love You
Nearest Thing To Hip
Nashville, Tennessee (Live)
Nashville, Tennessee
My Wanderings In The Weary Land
My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land
My Dark Side
Morning Came Too Soon
Mister Charisma (Alternate Version)
Mister Charisma
Meet Me At The Station
Medicine Jack
Medicine Bow (Full Length)
Medicine Bow
Martin Decent
Man, What A Woman
Mad As The Mist And Snow
Lucky Day / Bad Advice
Low Down In The Broom
Love Will Shoot You Down
Love Walks In
Love That Kills
Love Anyway
Love And Death
Long Way To The Light
Long Strange Golden Road
Lonesome Old Wind
Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
London Mick
Let The Earth Bear Witness
Let Me Feel Holy Again
Let It Happen
Ladbroke Grove Symphony
Kiss The Wind
Kinky’s History Lesson
Killing My Heart
Jack Of Diamonds
It’s Gonna Rain
It’s All Gone
It Should Have Been You
Is She Conscious?
Independence Day
In Search Of A Rose
In My Time On Earth
If The Answer Is Yeah (Alternate Version)
If The Answer Is Yeah
If I Was Your Boyfriend
If I Can’t Have You
I’ve Lived Here Before
I’ve Been In The Storm For You
I Will Not Follow
I Can See Elvis
I Am Not Here
How Long Will I Love You?
His Word Is Not His Bond
Higher In Time
Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
Good News
Good Man Gone
Good Luck, Seeker
Going To Paris
Glastonbury Song
Girl Of The North Country
Further Up, Further In
Freak Street
Fisherman’s Blues
Everybody Takes A Tumble
Every Breath Is Yours
Epiphany On Mott Street
Dumbing Down The World
Down Through The Dark Streets
Don’t Bang The Drum
Do We Choose Who We Love
Didn’t We Walk on Water
Destinies Entwined
Dennis Hopper
Custer’s Blues
Corn Circles
Come Live With Me
Church Not Made With Hands
Bury My Heart
Bring ‘Em All In
Blues For Your Baby
Billy Sparks
Bigger Picture
Beverly Penn
Before The World Was Made
Beauty In Repetition
Beautiful Now
Be My Enemy
Another Kind Of Circus
And There’s Love
And A Bang On The Ear
Anatomy Of A Love Affair
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
Always Dancing, Never Getting Tired
All the Things She Gave Me
Ain’t No Words For The Things I’m Feeling
A Song For The Life
A Pagan Place
A Man Is In Love
A Life Of Sundays
A Home In The Meadow
A Girl Called Johnny
A Full Moon In March
A Boy In Black Leather
(You’ve Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
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