Tom Cochrane Lyrics

Tom Cochrane

Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)
You’re Driving Me Crazy (Faith Healers)
Work Out
Wish You Well
Winner Take All
Windy Night In Fall
Willie Dixon Said
Will Of The Gun
Wildest Dreams
White Hot
White Horse
Whipping Boy
While You Are Young
When I’m With You
What’s In You
West Coast Saga
Washed Away
Victory Day
Vacation (In My Mind)
Untouchable One
This Is The World
The Untouchable One
The Secret Is To Know When To Stop
The Party’s Not Over
The Loading
Talkin’ To Myself
Stonecutter’s Arms
Spirit In The Sky
Sons Beat Down
Song Before I Leave
Someone’s Watching
Sinking Like A Sunset
Since You Left Me
Sights On You
Shake Monster
Secret Garden
Rough And Tumble
River Of Stone
Revelations: Visions In A Dream
Ragged Ass Road
Power (Strength In Numbers)
Pink Time
Piece Of Your Soul
Pictures From The Edge
Paper Tigers
Out Of My Head
One Way Out
One More Time (Same Old Habits)
Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue)
Ocean Blue
Not So Far Away
Northern Star
Northern Frontier
No Regrets
Napoleon Sheds His Skin
Message (Rise Up Again)
Marianne And Lenny
Make Myself Complete
Mad Mad World
Lunatic Fringe
Love Under Fire
Look Out Again
Life Is A Highway
Lasting Song
Just The Way It Goes
Just Scream
Just Like Ali
Iron In The Soul
I Wonder
I Wish You Well
I Wish That I (Could See You Now)
Human Race
How’s My Little Girl Tonight
Hold Tight
Heartbreak Girl
Hang On To Your Resistance
Good Times
Good News
Good Man Feeling Bad
Get Back Up
Friendly Advice
Flowers In The Concrete
First Time Around
Everything Comes Around
Emotional Truth
Dreamer’s Dream
Don’t Fight It
Different Drummer
Didn’t Mean
Didn’t I Lorraine
Deep Breath
Crack The Sky (Breakaway)
Citizen Cain
Charlie Was A Dancer
Can’t Turn Back
Calling America
Breaking Curfew
Brave And Crazy
Boy Inside The Man
Bird On A Wire
Bigger Man
Big League
Best Waste Of Time
Beautiful Day
Beacon Hill
Avenue A
Ashes To Diamonds
Art Of Listening
Another Page
Among The Ruins (I’ll Be There)
All The King’s Men
A Prayer For Hope
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