Tom Paxton Lyrics

Tom Paxton

Yuppies In The Sky
You’re So Beautiful
You Should Have Seen Me Throw That Ball
You Can Eat Dog Food
You Came Throwing Colors
You Are Love
Wish I Had A Troubadour
Winter Song
Willie Seton
Whose Garden Was This
Who’s Been Passing Dreams Around?
Who Will Feed The People?
Who Speaks For Me
White Bones Of Allende
When You Shook Your Long Hair Down
When You Get Your Ticket
When We Were Good
When Princes Meet
When Morning Breaks
When It’s Gone, It’s Gone
When I Go To See My Son
When Annie Took Me Home
What’s So Bad About That?
What If, No Matter?
What Did You Learn In School Today?
What A Friend You Are
Wearing The Time
We Went To The Banker
We Didn’t Know
We Can Have The Olympics Over At Our House
We All Sound The Same
We All Live on the Water
Wasn’t That A Party?
Virginia Morning
Victoria Dines Alone
Uncle Jack
Tonya Harding
Time To Spare
This World Goes ‘Round And ‘Round
They Couldn’t Take The Music
They Call Me ‘Joey’
There Goes The Mountain
The Wooly Booger
The Willing Conscript
The Thought Stayed Free
The Things I Notice Now
The Subway Song
The Spirit Said ‘no’
The Perfect Bomb
The Parting Glass
The Natural Girl For Me
The Names Of Trees
The Name Of The Game Is Stud
The Missing You
The Mayor Of Macdougal Street
The Marvelous Toy
The Mail Will Go Through
The Magic Whistle
The Love Of Loving You
The Losing Part
The Last Thing On My Mind
The Last Hobo
The King Of My Backyard
The Iron Man
The Hostage
The Hooker
The Honor Of Your Company
The First Thing I Think Of
The First Song Is For You
The Fatal Glass
The Death Of Stephen Biko
The Day We Lost The America’s Cup
The Crow’s Toes
The Crow That Wanted To Sing
The Battle Of The Sexes
The Baseball Kids
That’s The Way It Seems To Me
Thank You Republic Airlines
Talking Watergate
Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues
Talking Pop Art
Suzy Is A Rocker
Susie Most Of All
Sully’s Pail
Standing On The Edge Of Town
Spin And Turn
Something Wrong With The Rain
Something In My Life
Something Going On
Someone’s Computer
Sold A Hammer To The Pentagon
So Much For Winning
Skeeters’ll Gitcha
Silent Night
She’s Far Away
She Sits On The Table
Second Nature
Saturday Night
S’pose My Toes Were Noses
Ride My Bike
Redemption Road
Reason To Be
Rambling Boy
Ramblin’ Boy
Presbyterian Boy
Prayin’ For Snow
Poems Written With A Borrowed Pen
Peanut Butter Pie
Peace Will Come
Passing Through Tulsa
Panhandle Wind
Pandora’s Box
Outward Bound
Out On The Ocean
Out Of Luck
Out Behind The Gypsy’s
Only A Game
One Time And One Time Only
One Million Lawyers
On The Road From Srebrenica
Oh, Doctor, Doctor
Now That I’ve Taken My Life
Nothing But Time
Not Tonight, Marie
No Time To Say Goodbye
Never No Love
My Son, John
My Lady’s A Wild Flying Dove
My Favorite Spring
My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog
My Daddy And Me
Mr. Blue
Morning Wonder
Morning Again
Monday Morning In Paradise
Molly Bloom
Modern Maturity
Mister Can’t-Go-On
Michael And Lisa Marie
Mashed Potatoes
Mary Got A New Job
Mary Ann
Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation
Lucy, The Junk Dealer’s Daughter
Love Changes The World
Livin’ The Street Life
Little Lost Child
Little Girl
Little Brand New Baby
Little Bitty Gun
Let’s Pretend
Let’s Go To Michael Jackson’s House
Let The Wild Wind Blow
Let The Sunshine
Leaving London
Lament For A Lost Election
King Of The Cat Cafe
Jones Boy
Johnny Got A Gun
Jimmy Newman
Jesus Christ S.R.O.
Jennifer’s Rabbit
Jennifer And Kate
It’s Too Soon
It Ain’t Easy
Is This Any Way To Run An Airline?
Intro To You Are Love
Intro To On The Road From Srebrenica
Intro To No Time To Say Goodbye
Intro To My Favorite Spring
Intro to Modern Maturity
Intro To Little Girl
In Good Old Colony Days
If You Love That Politician
If The Poor Don’t Matter
If I Pass This Way Again
I’ve Got The Measles
I’ve Got Nothing But Time
I’ve Got A Yo-Yo
I’m The Man That Built The Bridges
(“Ain’t That News!” album)
I’m The Man That Built The Bridges
(“I’m The Man That Built The Bridges” album)
I’m Changing My Name To Chrysler
I’m Bound For The Mountains And The Sea
I Was Beautiful
I Thought You Were An Arab
I Ride An Old Paint
I Lost My Heart On A 747
I Like The Way You Look
I Had To Shoot That Rabbit
I Give You The Morning
I Followed Her Into The West
I Don’t Want A Bunny-Wunny
I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound
I Believe, I Do
Hush Old Man
How Come The Sun
How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
Home, Sweet Oklahoma
Home To Me (Is Anywhere You Are)
Home To Me
Hold On To Me Babe
Hobo In My Mind
Hitch To My Gitalong
High Sheriff Of Hazard
Hello Again
He May Be Slow
Has Annie Been In Tonight?
Hard Times Are Here Again
Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes
Grey Mares
Goodman, Schwerner And Chaney
Good King Buzz
Goin’ To The Zoo
Gettin’ Up Early
Georgie On The Freeways
Gentle My Love
General Custer
Gas Line Romance
Gaining On Me
Forest Lawn
Fish Are Orderly
Feed The Children
Fare Thee Well, Cisco
Factory Whistle’s Blowing
Faces And Places
Every Time
Even A Gray Day
Ev’ry Time
Engelbert The Elephant
Eleanor’s Song
E, I Addie, Addie, O
Dream On Sweet Dreamer
Don’t You Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round
Don’t Slay That Potato
Don’t Be Rude To A Rhinoceros
Dogs At Midnight
Do You Want To Dance
Dinosaurs At Play
Did You Hear John Hurt?
Deep Fork River Blues
Dear Diary
Danville Girl
Dance In The Shadows
Dance In The Kitchen
Daily News
Crazy John
Cotton-Eye Joe
Comedians & Angels
Come On, Holy
Come And Play Catch With Me
Come And Grow Old With Me In Colorado
Columbus, Georgia
Coffee In Bed
Clarissa Jones
Cindy’s Cryin’
Christmas In Shelter
Central Square
Buy A Gun For Your Son
Buffalo Dreams
Bring Back The Chair
Bottle Of Wine
Born On The Fourth Of July
Boat In The Water
Blue Mountain Road
Bishop Cody’s Last Request
Birds On The Table
Billy Got Some Bad News Today
Bet On The Blues
Be A Sport, Afghanistan
Bad Old Days
At The ‘Quarium
As She Rides By
Annie’s Going To Sing Her Song
Anita O.J.
Angeline Is Always Friday
And Then You Smiled
And Lovin’ You
And If It’s Not True
Along The Verdigris
Allen Gator
All The Way Home
All Night Long
All My Stalkers
All Coming Together
All Clear In Harrisburg
Ain’t That News
After The Storm
About The Children
A Truly Needy Family
A Thousand Years
A Sailor’s Life
A Rumblin’ In The Land
A Long Way From Your Mountain
A Job Of Work
A Day In The Country
A Daughter In Denver
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