Too Far – Quicksilver Messenger Service

Could it be this time we’ve gone too far?
And could it be that time has really shut the door?
We’ve been here before, remember
We said no more
Time, it can end
When we take time to mend

There comes a time in life for each of us to awaken
To awaken
To find out why our dreams all seem to be forsaken
Now, the truth has been sewn
In our knowing
Listen, now the words can be heard
They’re growing

One lonely word was our only home
We tried to live inside us all alone
Tryin’ and dyin’, bearin’ the pain
Tryin’ and dyin’, but it’s still the same

Now it’s time to see the line we’ve been walk
It’s time to hear all the sweet words we’ve been talking
‘Cause all alone, those empty words come back to haunt you
But all together now, we can live them
Because we want to

Come on along, motion to us all
Time is coming soon, to burst the big balloon
Come on along, motion to us all!

Come on, come on, come on along
Come on along…
Come on along…
Give motion to us all
Come on along…
Give us some motion

Come on along
Give us the motion
Come on along
Give us motion
Come on along
Why don’t you come on along?
Come on!
Come on… along…
Come on… along…
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