Welcome To MySpace – Macklemore

Password, fuck here we go!
Yes! Inbox, friends, yes, ads, blogs! I love this world! MySpace!

The devil is the internet
And yes I am convinced of this
Ever since I got up on this bitch
My fingers won’t let me get off of it
I thought I had it under control but, no I didn’t
Now I’m a MySpace basshead and, yes, I’m addicted
Don’t laugh at it, I’m a crack addict
And no doubt my whole camp’s at it
Such a bad habit
I don’t even leave the house
Goddamn Tom, I used to have a life with a job
Now I’m just eating cereal reading what people write in their blogs
Checking my comments to see if anyone left one, did they?
Oh no, but, she’s pretty, ugh, I’m just gonna check one
It’s like layers and layers and once you start you can’t leave it
Cause everyone’s so pretty and there’s a whole lot of cleavage
Some girl’s just show their booty so you don’t even gotta see ’em
But that doesn’t mean player that you should go out and meet ’em
Cause photoshop can be a very misleading tool and when you meet her she’s 6″2 and looks like a dude

Welcome to MySpace!
Please come in
There’s a whole bunch of music let me introduce you to my friends
Just type in your password you can meet guys and girls
But in exchange for these relationships you must live in our world
Welcome to MySpace!
Please come in
There’s a whole bunch of music let me introduce you to my friends
Just type in your password and log into that screen
But once you’re inside MySpace you’re never gonna leave

Ben! What? This is your conscience
You’ve been logged in for seven hours
It’s time to get off
Ugh God dammit! I know I have homework!
Just let me check my inbox one more time and then I’ll sign out and then it will be over
Lying to yourself again, I can see
I’m not!
All you do is look at movies and download free pornography
You have an album to record, remember Ben?
Fuck my album, I’m done! My passion is now adding friends

I’ve met so many people I swear it will never end
206 I’m gonna get 210
I’m networking with people I’ve met all my favourite rappers, hieroglyphics, alcoholics
But they never return your comments
He won’t even talk to me, he probably thinks I’m stalking him
The Blue Scholars are harder to get a hold of than Lil’ Jon is
But fuck it I’mma keep trying
One day I’ll get that cameo
I’mma stick out like Monica from California with that cameltoe
Tina from Virginia sent me pictures of her naked
And Benson says he’s into the city don’t sleep and he plays it
So I don’t agree with you conscience, this is not time wasted
Even though my eyes are bleeding and I never leave the basement
See I’m happy here, so why don’t you just leave me alone
Myspacemusic/macklemore that’s my new home
Fuck the studio! This is my last track
I found a new reality and I’m never gonna come back


Tom! Tom man!
Dude for a minute let me get outta here bro
I’m gonna go over to Hotmail, just for a second
I’m gonna come right back
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