When Heroes Die – Urbandub

Ambition that drives you
Straight through a wall
Bright lights in your eyes
Seem to blind us all
We’re screaming come down off your pedestal
Not going down, you’re not coming down
All eyes on you
The world is yours…

They move me with the tears from their eyes
Will they need me?
Once my star refuses to shine
Show me signs that you care for me
Show me signs you’ll be there
Will the world turn it’s back on me?
Helpless, they judge me now
All eyes on you
The world is yours
Inside you’re screaming…

Sold my soul
I’m a victim to the world
Tonight, come and rescue me from harm

All eyes on you to live again

I drown in seas of alcohol
Lust and addictions
My convictions are for the flies
Severed ties from reality and family
I’ve burned all bridges
Let the air catch embers
If I die… Will I be remembered?
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