Why Not – Maddi Jane

Time doesn’t stand still just keeps going by,
there’s nothing in the world that’s to hard to try,
life is a gamble just roll the dice.
I been there before, I fell for the lies,
you’ll never get back those tears that you cried,
your worth is the one thing they just can’t define,
You have to decide

Everybody tells you know no,
says what to wear and where to go,
what you can and cannot do,
you have to search to find the truth
Don’t let them get inside your head
Some words are better left unsaid
When everybody else is asking why
I’m here to ask you why not

Scars from people who don’t really know who you are,
telling you a dream won’t get you too far,
but you’ll never know if you let Em tear it apart
Aww start making your way from out of the dark,
the only thing it takes is one little spark,
when you break down just pick up the parts


When the weight of it all
Makes you fade makes you fall
& the voices you hear tellin’ you to give up
The fear in your heart got you scared to speak up
Who cares what they have to say

[Chorus x2]
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