XXL Freshman 2019 Cypher – Part 3 – Roddy Ricch, Comethazine and Tierra Whack

Claim he gon’ get me, claim he gon’ rush me
We outside your spot, now nigga, time to get ugly
Have him shitting in his pants, nigga pass him a Huggie
Choppa bullets make him dance, look he hitting his Dougie
Catch him lacking do your thang, then clean up the spot
‘Cause who gon leave some evidence, nigga, I’m not
I paid a hundred for the Forces, now there’s blood on the bottom
Finna hit the Foot Locker, bitch, I’m not finna wash em
She said ever since you got rich you act like a dick
Nah, bitch, that ain’t it, I just cannot trust a bitch
Man, they think I got a problem ’cause I smoke out the pound
Shit, I’ll roll up ’round you niggas and won’t pass it around
And if a nigga got a problem, bitch, I got the four pound
.38 put eight bullets in and spin it around
Put a potato on the barrel, bitch, it won’t make a sound
Shoot a nigga like a layup but I’m laying him down, gang

[Roddy Ricch:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey
Fuck all that talkin’, let’s do it
I keep me a ruler
Bitch, I grew up with the shooters
Slide in the back of the red with the roof up
I got all white diamonds Ku Klux
My bitch be naggin’ too much
Bringin’ rain and magic too much
I don’t wear my Patek too much
I be really, really, really gettin’ pissed off
Wear my Fendi even like my shirt look pissed off, yeah
I got expensive habits, huh
Ace of Spades when I’m thirsty
Plug, lemme get it dirt cheap
We gon’ pull up to the club thirty deep, ayy
Spent ten racks on my dog, nigga
That bitch gon’ alert me
Ayy, made it out the trap, when it touchdown my dog gon’ jerk me, hmm
Knew how to whip it before I walked inside the first grade
Knocked it out the park, I got rich off of first grade, it’s rich
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Tierra Whack:]
The queen of my city I prove it in this freestyle, Philly
Me mugging all your cheap smiles
You a beach chair you fold, I’m a beach towel
The way I come around everybody remain the same
You know my name
With a dollar, with a dream, I changed the game
Wait, a beach towel folds too
I’ll beat your ass if you run up on my crew
Like a child at the zoo or a kid at the beach
I keep talking ’bout the beach but I’m trying to dig deep in the sand
I leave my eyes open when I sleep, I’m a man
WO at the beginning, bumping John Lennon
In my all white linen suit getting loose
Your boo think this a kissin’ booth, I dip and shoot
I need space like missin’ tooth, now this is prooth
I ain’t even wanna do this, but I knew this would prove it
I’m a teacher to you students, uh
Peppermint soap, I brag and I boast
I rack at my nose, you rappers a joke
I step on your throat, I laugh to the bank
With a bag full of pranks, I’m the shit
So please don’t be mad when I stink
Yo, you ride an Uber pools, hot but I’m super cool
Make hits, Mayweather on you April Fools
Take your juice, break the rules then I make the rules
They hate on me but see I hate to lose, yo
Winner at heart, the joys of my art
Used to want to be lighter but I still shine bein’ dark, yo
I play my part, they all pay me respect
My next pet is a giraffe ’cause I’m coming for necks (Queen)
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