kevin and barracuda (interlude) – Machine Gun Kelly

Ok, wait, Pete, before we start, can you just give me some beep-boops, beep-boop-boop
Beep-boop-boop, beep-boop-boop-boop, beep-boop-boop, boop
Wh-what’s your alien name?
Roger, no I wanna be Kevin dude, I wanna be Kevin the alien
Why was mine such a bad name? Mine was Barracuda (Haha)
Kevin and Barracuda dude
I’m like… I’m like, coming down of mushrooms bro, like
Oh that’s great
I can hear this water running, hold on, is that water still on?
That’s not me
Oh it’s not? (Woahh)
Could you be both aliens?
You want me to be both aliens?
Just say, say, “You know what place blows? Earth”
“I agree”
“You know what place blows? Earth
I agree, grab the sack, let’s go to Mars”, haha, haha, we’re such losers
That’s why we gotta leave Earth, man. “Don’t forget, bring the weed”
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